EduBirdie Review: Services, Accessibility , Quality, Pricing

Students often have to turn for third-party assistance with their written assignments. Sometimes, the curriculum is just too overwhelming. Other times, a student may have other, more important things to do than to write all the assignments him- or herself. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of students seeking help with their assignments is by no means new. It is true, however, that the Internet has made such services much more accessible. You can see it simply by googling something like ”write my essay for me” or “homework help” – you will get tons upon tons of search results with websites offering various kinds of help with written assignments. Today, we would like to talk about one particular website –

EduBirdie stands out as one of the most popular custom essay writing services among students. Its name is arguably the most frequent to pop up at various places where students exchange opinions and recommendations about such services – at Reddit, for example. With such momentum and popularity, a legit question arises – is EduBirdie really that good? To find that out, we have decided to take a look at their website, their list of services, to test them out, and to write this review.

As soon as we open website, we see that it is pretty generic. The functionality and the design of the website are not different from most other sites in the niche. And it is no wonder – just as a series of other similar websites, it was developed by Boosta company. However, such lack of originality is not necessarily a bad thing – you can immediately see all the information you need to see and move on to placing your order simply by choosing the assignment type from the drop-down list (the amount of assignments that EduBirdie is ready to complete for you is fairly impressive) and typing your email address.

However, we are not in such a big rush so we can take a closer look at the website’s front page. There we see that their prices begin from $18 per page. This price is slightly above average on the market, but it is quite fair if the quality corresponds.

Next, you get introduced to EduBirdie’s writers. They are presented with a nickname and a picture, but you can also see how many projects a particular writer has completed and read through reviews and testimonials about this writer. The reviews are overwhelmingly splendid and inspire optimism.

The website also informs you that in case you are unsatisfied with their writing at first, you get an unlimited number of revisions. And you only pay when the order is complete. It shows how confident EduBirdie’s writers are, which is also a good sign. If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to contact their customer support via live chat right here on the website before you place your order.

What we see looks fine and inspiring, so we place our order. We have chosen to order a 5-page essay on a fairly simple topic in Introduction to Linguistics. It is the kind of essay that an average student can easily write him- or herself and would only seek help if s/he profoundly lacks spare time. For this job, we have picked one of the more popular writers with a significant number of completed works and excellent reviews. We have specified that we would like to receive the completed order in three days.

After three days, we have received a completed order indeed, but we were not happy with the quality of the paper, so we had to ask for a few revisions. As we have mentioned, EduBirdie does not charge extra for revisions, but we still got the end result later than we expected. So, if this date were our actual deadline, then we would have missed it.

Sometimes, a professor is flexible about the deadline, but the quality of the paper is never negotiable. When we asked a professor to look through the paper that we got from a celebrated EduBirdie writer, she said she would grade it as satisfactory at best. This leads us to think that the papers from EduBirdie are neither written, nor even proofread by professors.

To conclude EduBirdie review, we may say that we would advise against using their services if you want to have your paper written on time and in proper quality. The revisions took extra few days, and even then the writer proved unable to come up with a satisfactory result, unfortunately. It may be that we simply had some bad luck when picking the writer, but – given her excellent customer reviews – that would be strange. If you are at a point when you are willing to order a paper for $18 per page or more, it should be no problem for you to find a custom essay writing service that will fulfill all your and your professor’s demands both appropriately and on time.

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