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The enormous number of assignments at high-school, college, and university can be overwhelming even for the most hard-working students. Writing the majority of these works takes a lot of time and effort. Often, students can’t physically manage all these tasks. Some start working harder and harder day after day, experiencing constant stress. Others prefer to order a paper once in a while to take some time for themselves and renew their energy. There are plenty of options you can find online. 123helpme.com is one of the websites offering not just custom papers, but free essays as well. This 123helpme review is aimed at informing you of pros and cons of this service.

Today, many students choose to trust other users’ feedback ad reviews when choosing an essay writing service. We’ve decided to conduct our own research to give you full information of how 123helpme works.

One of the key features of 123helpme.com is the database of free essays. They are subdivided into categories by topics, which are very diverse but still can be assigned to every student in the world. Many topics are general and deal with social problems, controversies, etc. There are also free essays on science, literature, psychology, and other disciplines on this website. Downloading a free essay is quick and convenient. Supposedly, all the research and references are done for you.

However, there is always a ‘but.’ As it has turned out, free essays from 123helpme.com will hardly bring you a good mark for a number of reasons:

Their quality is quite questionable from many points of view.

You don’t know WHEN they were written, so you can’t be sure that all the information used in the research is up-to-date.

They are free, which means everybody can download them. It can be your fellow student. Imagine the reaction of your teacher on two similar essays.

Even if you are lucky and you are the only one at your school who has downloaded a particular essay, you still can’t be sure that it is a unique piece of writing.

Despite all things mentioned above, 123helpme.com still does a great job providing students with such a database. All you need is to use it wisely. Don’t hand in a downloaded paper. You can always use it as the basis for your own research. Besides, you can outline a free essay and write your own work using this outline. Many students get inspiration and ideas in free essays, which is really beneficial, too. The general information in such essays will save you a lot of time on reading Wikipedia and other sources trying to get a clue of what the topic is about.

Our 123helpme.com review wouldn’t be full if we didn’t mention the option of ordering custom papers. There is an extremely handy color rating of essays on the website:

Free Essays – White

Good Essays – Orange

Better Essays – Yellow

Stronger Essays – Purple

Powerful Essays – Blue

Term Papers – Aquamarine

Research Papers – Green

You may choose an essay according to this categorization or by the length and relevance of the paper. The price of a custom written paper depends on all these criteria.

Although the quality of essays varies, you can see that there is no option to order a ‘bad’ or an ‘average’ paper. And it is truly so. Even if you order the cheapest paper at 123helpme.com, you will definitely get a positive mark, which depends on the amount of money you are ready to spend. Please, mind that even a ‘powerful essay’ ordered on the website will never be that powerful unless you provide the author with ALL the requirements and instructions you got from your teacher.

In addition to ordering a custom essay or downloading one for free, there are some more features the website has to offer. First of all, you can get useful tips on writing and formatting your essay. Tips are presented in articles and available out of charge.

If you want to, you can donate a paper to the website. The very fact that users do it can mean that there are people grateful enough to the team. Isn’t it a kind of customers’ feedback? Besides, donating a paper may bring you some writing experience which may be useful in the future. After all, writing for such resources is a little different from writing for the sake of your own grade.

To sum up, downloading a free paper from 123helpme.com saves you money, but never guarantees a good result, unless you work on it. Buying a custom paper here, on the other hand, saves you a lot of time and nerves. So, one way or another, the site is worth a try.

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